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Advertising Gifts
Asset Finance
Balloon Rides
Building Contractor
Building Services
Business Consultant
Business Finance
Car Finding & Repairs
Car Sales, Leasing
Carpet & Flooring
Cash Registers & Epos
Chiropractic & Physio
Cleaning Services
Coaching, Training & Mentoring
Copy Writer
Company Cars
Computer Network Cabling
Corporate Insurance Brokers
Database & Software Creation
Debt Recovery
Design & Advertising
Discount Utilities
Document destruction & Recycling
Film & Video
Financial Advisers
Financial Claims
Fitness & Health
Food-Drinks Products
Health & Safety
Health Insurance
Healthcare Products
Interior Design
IT and Computer Services

Letting Agents
Life Coaching
Management Consultants
Management Development & Coaching
Mobile & Landline Solutions
Mortgage Advisers
Networking Skills
Office Interiors
Offices (serviced)
Office Supplies
PAT Testing
Patent & Trademarks (Attorney)
Payroll Solutions
Planning & Development
PR & Marketing
Print Design
Private Investigation
Project Management
Safety Equipment & Workwear
Sage Accounting
Security Systems
Shredding of Documents
Software Development
Solicitors - Corporate
Solicitors - Family
Surveyor, &c
Storage Equipment
Training & Development
Travel Agent
Water Coolers
Web Site Design

Will you recommend my business?

We make personal recommendations, so unless you come strongly recommended from a mutual business contact or we get to know you and get favourable reports on the quality of your service at regular networking events, no.

Will you recommend my business for payment or commission?

No, we do not operate on that basis. Read more >>


'Thank you - the plumber you recommended was reliable and good value...'

'We have been very pleased with the IT company and now have an ongoing support contract with them...'

'[The people you recommended are] reliable, fast cleaners...'

Find Bristol Business: The Trustworthy Local Service Directory Online

Bristol and the West Country is an exceptional and rapidly growing place to do business. If your business needs to find a good Bristol-based accountant, solicitor, plumber, or cleaning firm and you have found trawling through the yellow pages or online Bristol directories give you poor results- in terms of sub-standard service or unprofessional practices- then you need a recommendation from a trustworthy local source. We have been operating in Bristol and Avon for years and have built up relationships with the best local suppliers, retailers and professionals. The Find Bristol Business online directory makes recommendations of local services and Bristol suppliers without charging or taking commissions. In making a recommendation, we consider:

  • Whether Find Bristol Business have used the service ourselves
  • Whether Find Bristol Business know and trust people in the business
  • Whether Find Bristol Business have heard positive testimonials about the service or supplier from local contacts who have used them
  • Whether the business, whether a plumber or a family solicitor, appears to be a likely match for the enquirer's needs
  • Whether the business has created a consistently positive and professional impression by the behaviour and actions of its representatives at Bristol networking meetings

The Find Bristol Business directory is not based on paid listings, online referrals or anonymous referrals; this Bristol directory only recommends businesses which have directly provided us with excellent professional services, and businesses that have established trust both with us and other Bristol business contacts.

How can I get my Bristol business listed or referred by Find Bristol Business directory?

This Bristol based online referral resource can make personal recommendations without charging or taking commissions for the following reasons:

  • FBB belongs to Bristol networking groups that encourage business referrals between members
  • Doing so increases our profile in the Bristol local business community
  • It eventually leads to more work for us as a result
  • We have working relationships with a variety of high quality companies, from Bristol management consultants to Bristol letting agents and recommending them is one way of broadening and extending those relationships
  • We believe that helping people looking for a service (and putting them in touch with companies that provide a high quality service) will over time help to promote worthwhile businesses and good business practice in the Bristol and Bath area, which is in the interest of the business community.
  • Therefore, in order for your local business to be recommended to our Bristol networks, we must first come into contact with your Bristol-based goods or services on this basis.

Why we recommend

At Find Bristol Business we provide free recommendations on local services based on the following criteria: we have personally worked with, or know and trust a business, or we have heard positive testimonials about a business from a trusted contact. We do not take any form of payment to make a recommendation. We also take into consideration whether the business we are recommending is the best match for your requirements.

If you need a good plumber, or want to be introduced to a travel agent to suit your particular purposes, email us at

About this online Bristol services directory

Find Bristol Business was set up in order to offer an online directory of businesses and services based in Bristol, complete with personal recommendations of the best Bristol goods and services; whether it be website designers, Bristol printers, Bristol florists or Bath-based security firms. We help you find reliable local South-West services, from debt recovery to electricians, as we only recommend businesses based on personal experience or reliable word of mouth. Find Bristol Business is an entirely free service. Contact us on 0117 929 1630 for recommendations on a wide variety of local Bristol & Bath businesses, from Accountants to Travel Agents.

Alternatively, you can email us at for personal recommendations on services from Building Contractors to Solicitors.

Find Bristol Business are the trustworthy source of referrals for the Bristol business community, for every service from procurement to office design. Become part of our growing Bristol business network and make contact with Find Bristol Business today.